Library Giving Day

Help the Adams County Library System raise $2,000 toward expanding and updating our children's non-fiction collection. On average, it costs $35 to add a book to our collection. This is our call to action! Donate now through April 4

We are excited to begin expanding and updating our children’s nonfiction collection this year with the donations we receive on National Library Giving Day! What do you remember exploring in the nonfiction collection at the library as a child?

Was it to read about a person you were interested in knowing more about? Or, finding a book that sparked a lifelong interest for you? Did you end up choosing a life profession from a book you read in elementary school about being a fireman or a teacher or a doctor?

Personally, I spent countless hours reading nonfiction books that I checked out from the library about the ocean. I wanted to know everything about the animals that lived there and what made it possible for sharks and fish and whales to survive in the ocean. I was intrigued to learn that people were able to explore shipwrecks on the ocean floor and was fascinated by the pictures.

Our world is changing at lightning speed and we learn more every day from scientific research, community pioneers and exploration of our world. Our goal, is to add more of those topics and books to our current collection to satisfy the curiosity of the children in our county. We would also like to take this opportunity to replenish the books that are so loved by our children. These books open a whole new way to explore and expand understanding of the world around us.

Do you find that reading books also expands your world? With a donation of $35 we are able to add another book to our children’s nonfiction collection. Isn’t it exciting to think that with your donation, a child will check-out a book that you helped provide?

Discovering the world is at our fingertips when we start to read!

"Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” Maya Angelou


Thank you!


Erica Duffy ACLS Development Director