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Everything is going wrong on the “Valentine in Venice” harbor cruise aboard the Love Bucket. First, the water is unusually choppy so people are feeling queasy. Second, the package deal, priced at $9.99 per couple, went viral as “The Cheapest Date Ever,” stirring up worldwide ridicule. Accordingly, most of the guests canceled their reservations and found other, less embarrassing dates, leaving the dining room more than half empty. 

And, to top things off, a diner took a nosedive into his soup, just after the first set of sappy Italian love songs. The dead man was Payton Bookem, the slick agent for tonight’s dollar-store “operatic” entertainers. 

Who killed him? It wasn’t the chef, since no one else has anything worse than indigestion. Was it one of Payton’s clients, the shrill and bombastic soprano and tenor? Was it his ex-girlfriend, who just happened to show up with her new arm candy? Was it a member of one of the few couples that braved the sea sickening, cut-rate evening? 

It could even have been—YOU! 


Our "Valentine Murder Cruise" Murder Mystery Party is an online, interactive murder mystery via Zoom. This murder mystery party combines the excitement of CLUE with the imagination of the Theatre. As with a live murder mystery party, you will be encouraged to "mingle" with other characters and go "off-script" in your quest to find who the murderer is! Participants will be given a character, costume idea, and a booklet, which will contain questions you will ask other participants, as well as answers you will give as your character. During the party, a Detective will provide you with clues and evidence to help you narrow down the suspects. Use your improv skills to throw off the competition or your acting skills to conceal that the murderer is really you!   No Experience is required but you must be 18 or older to participate.