1964: Eyes of the Storm by Paul McCartney
American Journey: On the Road with Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and John Burroughs by Wes Davis
Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth I: The Mother and Daughter Who Forever Changed British History by Tracy Borman
Devils Will Get No Rest: FDR, Churchill, and the Plan That Won the War by James B Conroy
Fire Weather: A True Story from a Hotter World by John Vaillant
First Family: George Washington’s Heirs and the Making of America by Cassandra A Good
George: A Magpie Memoir by Frieda Hughes
Hands of Time: A Watchmaker’s History by Rebecca Struthers
Juliet: The Life and Afterlives of Shakespeare’s Tragic Heroine by Sophie Duncan
Last Ride of the Pony Express: My 2,000-Mile Horseback Journey Into the Old West by Will Grant
Many Things Under a Rock: The Mysteries of Octopuses by David Scheel
Most Tolerant Little Town: The Explosive Beginning of School Desegregation by Rachel Louise Martin
My Friend Anne Frank: The Inspiring and Heartbreaking True Story of Best Friends Torn Apart and Reunited Against All Odds by Hannah Pick-Goslar
National Dish: Around the World in Search of Food, History, and the Meaning of Home by Anya Von Bremzen
Never Give Up: A Prairie Family’s Story by Tom Brokaw
Orwell: The New Life by D J Taylor
Overlooked Americans: The Resilience of Our Rural Towns and What It Means for Our Country by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett
Pageboy: A Memoir by Elliot Page
Rivermouth: A Chronicle of Language, Faith, and Migration by Alejandra Oliva
Shakespeare’s Book: The Story Behind the First Folio and the Making of Shakespeare by Chris Lautaris
Sing Your Name Out Loud: 15 Rules for Living Your Dream by Jason Derulo
Soldiers Don’t Go Mad: A Story of Brotherhood, Poetry, and Mental Illness During the First World War by Charles Glass
Spies: The Epic Intelligence War Between East and West by Calder Walton
Symbols of Freedom: Slavery and Resistance Before the Civil War by Matthew J Clavin
To Dye For: How Toxic Fashion Is Making Us Sick – And How We Can Fight it by Alden Wicker
What an Owl Knows: The New Science of the World’s Most Enigmatic Birds by Jennifer Ackerman
White House by the Sea: A Century of the Kennedy’s at Hyannis Port by Kate Storey
Young and Restless: The Girls Who Sparked America’s Revolutions by Mattie Kahn