Summer Book Sale Bonanza is Coming Soon

The Friends of Adams County Library System are getting ready for another huge Summer Book Sale Bonanza.  The volunteers at the Gettysburg Library garage have been working diligently during the past six months to prepare for this annual event. This year’s event will be one of the biggest with approximately 40,000 quality used books for sale at bargain prices, ranging from 50 cents to $2.  There will be more than 100 tables filled with books on a variety of topics, including Civil War, politics, family life, mysteries, fiction, home improvement, children’s books, puzzles and a new category of artwork donated by the Library.

This event could not be possible without the large volume of donations by local citizens who have continued to be very generous in donating their quality used books to the Friends at our donation center in the Library’s garage.  Additionally, our largest fundraiser could not be possible without the Friends’ volunteers who spend every Tuesday and Thursday mornings working diligently in the garage to sort, box and transport the boxes to our storage unit.  Our Garage Manager/Booksale Team Leader, Mr. Mike Shoemaker, keeps the other Team Leaders and volunteer workers organized and abreast of all activities.  Mrs. Maryann Oelkers, Volunteer Team Leader, is doing a fabulous job in contacting and scheduling volunteers to work during the sale.  Our Signage Team Leader, Mr. Dean Norwich is preparing all of the outdoor event signs needed to direct patrons to the event, as well as the indoor signs which promote an organized flow through the venue for shoppers.  Our Supply Team Leader, Mrs. Lin Ackerman, is very well prepared in determining, organizing and providing all of the supplies needed by volunteers for efficient set-up before the sale, and clean-up at the end.  

The event will be held at Redding Auction Services, located at 1085 Table Rock Road, Gettysburg.

The dates and times of the sale are as follows:

Thursday, July 28th from 9am to 7pm

Friday, July 29th from 9am to 7pm

Saturday, July 30th from 9am to 2pm

Throughout the sale, children who attend will receive 5 free books.  Friday Special: Teachers receive 15 free books for classroom use.  Saturday Special: “Books by the Bag” – 1 bag for $5; Buy 2 bags for $10 and get a third bag free.  Refreshments will be available for purchase from the Food Adventures food truck on Thursday and Friday for breakfast and lunch; sponsored by the New Oxford Friends of the Library.

Anyone who is interested in joining our active and fun Friends group, a non-profit organization, may obtain a membership application at the Library Book Store or at check-out during the Summer Book Sale Bonanza.  Thank you for supporting the Friends of Adams County Library System.  See you at the Book Sale!

Sharon Graff,

President, Friends of Adams County Library System