As Cooked on Tiktok: Fan Favorites and Recipe Exclusives from More than 40 Tiktok Creators! a Cookbook
Building a Second Brain: A Proven Method to Organize Your Digital Life and Unlock Your Creative Potential by Dirk Smillie
Cabin Fever: The Harrowing Journey of a Cruise Ship at the Dawn of a Pandemic by Michael Smith
The Catch Me If You Can: One Woman’s Journey to Every Country in the World by Jessica Nabongo
The Colony: Faith and Blood in a Promised Land by Sally Denton
Daughters of the Flower Fragrant Garden: Two Sisters Separated by China’s Civil War by Zhuqing Li
Dear Papa: The Letters of Patrick and Earnest Hemingway
Directed by James Burrows: Five Decades of Stories from the Legendary Director of Taxi, Cheers, Frasier, Friends, Will & Grace, and More by James Burrows
The Earth Is All That Lasts: Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and the Last Sand of the Great Sioux Nation by Mark Lee Gardener
The Empress and the English Doctor: How Catherine the Great Defied a Deadly Virus by Lucy Ward
The Facemaker: A Visionary Surgeon’s Battle to Mend the Disfigured Soldiers of World War I by Lindsey Fitzharris
Game: An Autobiography by Grant Hill
The Garden Refresh: How to Give Your Yard Big Impact on a Small Budget by Kier Holmes
Good Arguments: How Debate Teaches Us to Listen and Be Heard by Bo Seo
An Immense World: How Animal Senses Reveal the Hidden Realms Around Us by Ed Yong
In the Houses of Their Dead: The Lincolns, the Booths, and the Spirits by Terry Alford
In the Shadow of the Gods: The Emperor in World History by Dominic Lieven
Meet Me by the Fountain: An Inside History of the Mall by Alexandra Lange
The Monster’s Bones: The Discovery of T. Rex and How It Shook Our World by David K Randall
Nora Ephron: A Biography by Kristin Marguerite Doidge
Pig Years by Ellyn Gaydos
Scorpion’s Dance: The President, the Spymaster, and Watergate by Jefferson Morley
Ten Tomatoes That Changed the World: A History by William Alexander
We Carry Their Bones: The Search for Justice at the Dozier School for Boys by Erin Kimmerle
What Your Food Ate: How to Heal Our Land and Reclaim Our Health by David R Montgomery