How many times have you heard OR said, “If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?” The point we are trying to convey is to think for yourself instead of following the crowd. 
Sometimes, we do need to join together for a positive outcome and this is my rally cry! There are 94 non-profit participants in this year’s annual Giving Spree. Take a moment to look at each group that serves in Adams County. How has their work and contribution affected you or someone you know this past year? As you look over the participant list you may find organizations you didn’t know existed and may also recognize several others. What is important to you and where would you like to give this year?
Although a non-profit organization is not operating primarily to make a profit, we DO need donations to fulfill our individual mission. Each organization depends on our community to further support their mission and to continue serving our county’s residents and needs. 
It is hard to ask for money but the answer is always “no” if you don’t ask. As the recently appointed Development Director of Adams County Library System (ACLS), I am asking you to support our libraries with a donation November 5th.
The mission of the ACLS is to open gateways for exploration by connecting people to opportunities that enrich their lives through the core values of stewardship, excellence and trustworthiness. We are grateful for every donation we receive no matter how large or small! With support of our patrons and donations we’ve received throughout 2021, the library stayed true to our mission during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Some memories are so vivid that you can recall every detail, the place, the sounds, the smells and how you felt in that moment. What is your first memory of going to the library? Now, think about how your donation will create a first memory in another child or person’s eyes. 

Donors have three ways to give: 
1.    Drop off gifts at the Gettysburg Times on November 5 from 1pm to 5pm
2.    Mail gifts using the donation form to arrive by November 5. Each branch has donation forms available to you.
3.    Give online at on November 5

ACLS is the lucky, number 13! We look forward to seeing you on November 5th drop-off so we can say thank you in person! Are you ready to follow the crowd and donate?

Submitted by Erica Duffy, Development Director of Adams County Library System