A quote from this year’s Adams County Reads One Book selection: “Be we must tell our stories, and not be ensnared by them.”
Says The Boston Globe of this year’s Adams County Reads One Book: “An electrifying, inventive novel…A haunting adventure story told through the tough lens of history…a quintessentially American story of self-creation, doubt, and elevation.”
The Los Angeles Times notes: “The best writers – the best storytellers, in particular – possess the enchanting, irresistible power to take the reader somewhere else. [The author] envisions the transcendent potential in acknowledging and retelling stories of trauma from the past as a means out of darkness.”
This year’s Adams County Reads One Book selection received accolades as one of the best books of the year by Time Magazine, NPR, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Paste, Town & Country, The New York Public Library, Kirkus Reviews, and Library Journal. Oprah recognized this as a pick for her book club.
It is my great pleasure to announce Ta-Nehisi Coates’ The Water Dancer as the 2021 selection. 
“’I had dreams back then. Big dumb dreams. Dead and gone.’ ‘And what do you dream of now?’ she asked. ‘After what I just came up from?’ I said. ‘Breathing. I just dream of breathing.’”
Enslaved on a dying plantation in pre-Civil War Virginia, Hiram vividly recounts his life and his struggle as an enslaved person and the moment he discovers he has a gift, a gift that will propel him to a life beyond his current surroundings. Hiram lives in a world divided between the Quality and the Tasked. Gone are the days of opulence and grand splendor; now, the Quality seek refuge in monotonous activities, while the Tasked fear disappearance “the Natchez-way.” When a tragic episode occurs, Hiram knows he must act before succumbing to a devastating fate. Along the way, Hiram meets individuals who play significant roles in history, including Harriet Tubman. Using haunting prose, Coates gives Hiram a voice that is rhythmic, evocative, and laced with dreams and sorrows. A spellbinding read, with a touch of magical realism, The Water Dancer will keep one entranced and enthralled. 
Copies are now available at each Adams County library location and through cloudLibrary. Do not forget – if all copies are checked out, feel free to place a hold! There are copies in regular print, large print, audiobook format, as well as eBook and eAudiobook format. 
As in the past, programs and events related to this year’s One Book selection will be held in October. Look for an announcement of these programs in September. Each library will also host a book discussion. 
Want to see past One Book selections? Take a look on the Adams County Library System’s website, www.adamslibrary.org , click on Department, select Adult, and then click on the One Book link. 
“It’s like summer wear the world out, and by October everyone is just ready for a nap.”
We hope you will join us in celebrating this year’s One Book! 

Submitted by Jessica Laganosky, Manager, Jean Barnett Trone Memorial Library of East Berlin