Looking for a new job or career? Maybe the economic shortfalls caused by the pandemic have resulted in an unexpected job loss. Or perhaps there has been an internal reprioritizing of what is important in life, and thoughts of a more fulfilling career have crossed your mind. Let the Adams County Library System (ACLS) follow its mission to connect you to opportunities to enrich your life through access to a comprehensive online service called Brainfuse JobNow. JobNow provides, among other things, free personal help with interviews, resumes and cover letters.
     JobNow can be accessed at adamslibrary.org. Click on “elibrary” and then “research.” Scroll down to “Brainfuse JobNow.” Enter your valid ACLS library card barcode, and a plethora of job-related resources are at the ready. 
     Create a resume using the available templates, add a cover letter, and submit to JobNow to receive personal, professional feedback from their staff members within 24 hours! It is always good to have another set of eyes look over a resume. For one thing, it saves listing “detail oriented” as a positive characteristic on a resume, and then making a spelling error in the cover letter which belies that statement. 
     Haven’t been in a job interview lately? JobNow offers free live job coaching with real time online interview practice. Objective help from their staff could be invaluable. There are also interview tips listed, including great advice on the two questions one should always be prepared to answer--“why should we hire you?” and “why do you want this job?”  They recommend answering in a way that highlights what contributions you can bring to the company as opposed to only what the company can do for you. There are also links to respected job search websites.
     If one is not quite ready to apply for a job and wants to explore career options, there is help here as well. Many people are familiar with the classic book “What Color is Your Parachute?” by Richard N. Bolles which is used to determine possible career tracks based upon aptitudes and interests. JobNow has a link to eParachute where one can take 15 minutes to answer questions about interests and receive descriptions of relevant careers that may be worthy of pursuit. There are several other handy self-assessment tools available, all designed to clarify what jobs would be suited to one’s interests, education level and aptitude.
     Need help studying for tests for certification or further education? JobNow provides practice tests and study material for the GED, SAT, GRE, GMAT and the ASVAB as well as many other tests. 
     JobNow is especially useful because it provides all these reliable resources together in one database for free and includes personal, online live help. It can be accessed from anywhere, including from a computer at any branch of the ACLS. Appointments are not currently required for use of ACLS public computers. We also offer books on careers, job searching and resume building that we would be happy to send home with you. We are here for you and would love to hear from you!

Submitted by Barbara Buckley, Harbaugh-Thomas Library Branch Manager