September is that time of year when so many things are “new”. Even in the weird and wild year of 2020, so many new things are happening in September. First, school has started, which this year brings new family routines and needs. Then in the library world, September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month. We celebrate the many new families each year in September that come in to sign up for a library card or do so online. Library cards are essential for the new school routines, as homework help, reports, essays, and research will soon be required in the new school year.
    Even if you aren’t school aged anymore, the library is the place for you to come and explore gateways for exploration on a magnitude of lifelong learning topics. Did you know the library has an awesome eBook and eAudiobook app called “Cloud Library”. With the single touch of an app on your ipad or smartphone, you can have access to thousands upon thousands of books at the touch of a button. You must have a library card to access this free to you service, so please stop into an Adams County Library branch near you or apply online at Your card number and password will be emailed to you quickly and away you go on your hunt for an eBook or eAudiobook to enjoy.
    Speaking of eBooks, eAudiobooks, and Cloud Library, the Adams County Library recently received a very generous $5,000 donation with a catch. The catch was that the donation was only available if other donors matched the $5,000 donation to total $10,000. The challenge match was on, and we are very excited to report that the $5,000 was easily raised… as a matter of fact almost $6,000 has been raised and money is still arriving as I write this article! Soon, our eBook and eAudiobook selectors will be spending that $10,000+ donation on new eMaterials for all ages. 
    In addition to our physical collection inside the library and our eMaterials online, your library card also gains you access to many other online databases to help with your school age homework assignment or any other inquiries you may have for more information on a topic. There are an astounding 45 links to different databases, websites, and other primary source materials on our website at From image sourcing, to information about books and authors, auto repair manuals, and book read-a-longs, our digital databases have something for every learner at every level of learning. Great for your school project, brushing up on a language, or self-discovery of a new topic, stop online with your library card and learn away!
    Stay tuned to this column for future updates on our staged reopening plan. In addition to this column, we will post the information on our website, and the library Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you this September to get your library card when you visit the library. Stay safe!

    Submitted by Brandt Ensor, Assistant Director