Have you ever wanted to learn a new language, or how to repair a small engine? What about tips on using Microsoft Excel, or how to make an Animal Crossing cake?! All this and more can be found, at no cost to you, on the Adams County Library System website. 
     The website offers many digital resources, such as eBooks and eAudiobooks, magazines, and music. But did you know we also have dozens of resource databases available? You can use Mango to learn a language, the Small Engine Repair Reference Center to help you fix your lawnmower, GCF to help you with computer tips, and Instructables for help with that special birthday cake.
     Before I came to Littlestown, I did a lot of work in children’s librarianship, and I still love working with children and children’s literature. Two of my favorite resources offer digital books and activities especially made for kids. And all you need to access them is your Adams County library card.
     From Scholastic Publishing, BookFLIX is an online literacy resource that is best suited for kids in grades Pre-K – 3. When you first go to the site, you’ll have several subject categories to choose from, including animals and nature, adventure, and music and rhyme. Once you choose a category, you’ll come to a screen that has many pairs of books to choose from. Each set of books includes a fictional, video storybook paired with a related nonfiction eBook. For instance, “Hi! Fly Guy” by Tedd Arnold is paired with the nonfiction title, “It’s a Good Thing There are Insects” by Allan Fowler. Both the video storybook and the nonfiction eBook have narrators to read the words along with the text. In addition to the titles, each pairing also includes activities to enhance the learning. For instance, the extras for this book pairing include a vocabulary word match game, a fact or fiction quiz about insects, and a game of which came first for some scenes in the book, which helps children develop their reading comprehension. A list of additional websites to explore further is also available. There are over 100 book parings available on BookFLIX, so you and your kids will have plenty to keep you busy.
     Also from Scholastic Publishing, TrueFLIX is an online learning resource geared toward kids in grades 3-6. TrueFLIX focuses on nonfiction titles, and includes subjects related to people, places, history, science, and nature. Similar to BookFLIX, when you first go to the site, you’ll have many subject categories to choose from, such as Ancient Civilizations, Disasters, and Outer Space. Once you choose a category, you’ll have your choice of several eBooks to choose from to learn more about. Once you choose an eBook, you can really dig into the subject with enhanced related content. Along with each eBook, which includes a narrator option, you’ll also have a video to watch, related articles to read and websites to explore, a vocabulary word match, a comprehension quiz, and a project idea to further your learning. TrueFLIX includes approximately 200 titles, so there is plenty to explore for you and your kids.

For more information or help with these or any of our databases, please contact your local library branch.

Submitted by Jess Shelleman, Branch Manager of the Littlestown Library.