We deeply miss our faithful patrons here at the Adams County Library System. As we have expressed over recent columns, we continue to work behind the scenes at home to bring all the library services we possibly can to your home for you. We have a record 175 online library card applications at the time of this writing with more coming in each day since we closed to the public. We process the cards daily so if you need one, please sign up online and we can email the barcode number to you to use our online resources.
    The biggest difference facing the library system to continue our goal of providing high quality programming for all ages was how to do it virtually using the materials and technology we have at home so you can view it and participate in your homes. We are using Facebook, YouTube and Zoom to bring the programming to you. Below are highlights of some of the programs offered over the next few weeks of May. Times mentioned are when the programs begin or are to be posted on Facebook. Programs will be added to YouTube after appearing on Facebook.
    Preschool and Baby Storytimes occur throughout the week on most mornings. On Monday, join our Littlestown’s Ms. Jess for preschool storytime fun at 9am. On Tuesday, Carroll Valley’s Mrs. Crystal tells stories at 10am for preschoolers. On Wednesdays Mrs. Sherry of the Trone Memorial Library in East Berlin has preschool storytime at 10am. On Fridays Mr. George, of the Gettysburg Library has storytime for elementary aged children at 9am.  Also on Fridays, Mrs. Sherry from East Berlin is back with baby storytime at 9:30am. If you can’t catch them live they will be up on our Facebook and YouTube for you to enjoy at your leisure.
    Our middle school and high school friends aren’t to be left out! Starting last week at 2pm each day, some of your favorite friendly library faces from around the Adams County Library System will be reading the middle grade novel “Alcatraz Vs. The Evil Librarians” by Brandon Sanderson with permission by his publisher Tor Books. Each friendly library face will pick a day and read the chapter to you of the first book in this very exciting series. You can view this on the Youth Services Facebook page! This and the other books in the series are available online in our CloudLibrary app. In other teen programming, join Ms. Kaila from the Harbaugh-Thomas Library on Wednesdays for a teen activity and join Ms. Kat from the Littlestown Library on Wednesdays at 3pm for Teen Midweek Mashup where Ms. Kat does a video review and recommendation for an anime, manga, graphic novel/comic book or YA book.          Harbaugh-Thomas Library has transferred their teen book club online via Zoom every other Friday. Books are available online and the discussion will occur via Zoom. Register on the events calendar on our website and the link for the zoom and book title will be emailed to you. Ms. Emma from the Trone Memorial Library in East Berlin every Thursday posts fun websites and crafty style projects for teens to complete using items found around their home.
    Are you adults feeling left out that you haven’t had anything mentioned to do from home…? Have no fear we have you covered as well. The Harbaugh-Thomas Library has also moved their two book clubs online. Their cookbook club is ongoing and can be joined via the Harbaugh-Thomas Facebook page. This programming is ongoing and you can post recipes, photos, and share cooking tips. Online book clubs for adults continue online using books available through Project Gutenberg. Contact the Facebook page of the New Oxford and Harbaugh-Thomas libraries for more information or signup through our online programming calendar. Finally Ms. Jessica from the Gettysburg Library is hosting Virtual Happy Hour. Enjoy an hour's silent reading time with others in the Adams County community by joining this weekly Reading Happy Hour, Tuesdays from 4pm-5pm. Sign up on our events calendar on the website and Zoom information will be forwarded to you.
    As you can see, so many fun programs are going on throughout the Adams County Library System virtually at this time. For more information please feel free to email us through our website at https://www.adamslibrary.org/form/contact-us. We hope to see you at the library (in person!) very soon.

Submitted by Brandt Ensor, Assistant Director, Adams County Library System