World Book and Copyright Day

April 23 is a special date in the literary world as it marks the birth or death of many prominent literary figures. United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) celebrates April 23 as “World Book and Copyright Day.” They are joined by libraries, booksellers, publishers, authors, illustrators, and book lovers in over 100 countries.

UNESCO’s Director-General Audrey Azoulay writes: “When  we  celebrate  books,  we  celebrate  activities  –  writing,  reading,  translating,  publishing – which help individuals to raise and fulfill themselves; and we celebrate, in  a  fundamental  way,  the  freedoms  that  make  them  possible. Books  are  at  the  intersection  of  some  of  the  most  essential  human  freedoms,  primarily  freedom  of  expression  and  freedom  to  publish... It is our duty then, everywhere in the world, to protect these freedoms and to promote reading  and  writing  in  order  to fight  illiteracy  and  poverty  and  to  strengthen  the  foundations  of  peace… let us join together to celebrate books, which embody creativity, enable  ideas and knowledge to be  shared across borders, and strengthen mutual understanding and dialogue.” Visit for Director-General Azoulay’s full message as well as more information on World Book and Copyright Day.

Ms. Azoulay’s sentiment rings true at Adams County Library System. Our organizational mission is to open gateways for exploration. We strive to do this by connecting people to opportunities which enrich their lives.

Looking for a way to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day on the evening of Tuesday, April 23? Littlestown Library and Harbaugh-Thomas Library in Biglerville will host story times at 6:30pm. Gettysburg Library will host a story time at 7pm. Jean Barnett Trone Memorial Library in East Berlin will hold Page Turners (a book discussion and activity group for children) at 6:30pm and a community book discussion for adults at 7pm. For more information, please contact the respective libraries.

We invite you to visit for countywide program and event information. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Submitted by Emily Holland, Branch Manager, New Oxford Library