Upcoming Adams County Reads One Book Programs

Meet the 4-H Seeing Eye Puppy Club

Tuesday, September 18th
7:00 PM
USS Eisenhower Room
Gettysburg Library

Learn about the Seeing Eye Puppy Club—raising a puppy for about a year until it goes back to the Seeing Eye to be trained as a guide dog.

Meet the Adams County SPCA

Wednesday, September 19th
10:00 AM
USS Eisenhower Room
Gettysburg Library

 Serving Adams County since April 30,1976, the
The Rick and Sally Meyers Animal Shelter/Adams County SPCA
provides vital services to animals and people alike through
sheltering and adopting animals, investigating animal cruelty and neglect,
and rescuing animals in emergency situations.

 We hope you will join us at one or more of the ACROB programs throughout September!