Career & Education

Career Transitions helps you discover your career interests and explore in-demand occupations, while also leveraging your work and military experience to identify career options across various industries and career pathways.  The Career Transitions experience is about accessibility and guidance: helping you get started – and follow through – on meaningful activities to help you find sustainable employment.  You will have a multitude of job search options, including temporary positions, apprenticeships, internships and entry-level positions.    It also can help you create targeted resumes and cover letters.  You will also find helpful tips and advice from career experts on applying for jobs, networking, and much more.


Powered by Peterson’s, the Testing & Education Reference Center is a resource of unprecedented value for. Testing & Education Reference Center helps you prepare for the future in ways never before possible. From the high school and community college students just embarking on a career path to the business veteran who wants to make a career change, the Testing & Education Reference Center provides users with in-depth information on colleges and universities, graduate and professional programs, distance learning, corporate training, available scholarships and awards, preparatory entrance tests and much more. Available online practice tests include entrance exams, certification and licensing tests.

Other Job & Career Resources


Pennsylvania CareerLink is a cooperative effort to provide one-stop delivery of career services to job seekers, employers and other Interested Individuals.


Google Docs Resume Template is a free resource on the web that allows you to create resumes from a template that Google has created.  You must have a Gmail account to utilize this resource.

SalaryExpert® was launched in 2000 to provide reporting on salaries and cost of livingfrom compensation professionals. Their tools help people make informed decisions when planning careers and searching for jobs.