General Research

Housed in these databases that are provided by the library is a bounty of information.  Whether you’re looking for a basic encyclopedia or specific information on a state or country, we have the resource for you!

Click on each image to enter the database.

What kind of map are you looking for?  Antique, Environmental, Geographic, US, Weather…all these maps can be found within!


Looking for information on a state?  Have a report due soon?  Planning on moving?  Find information on all 50 states and 5 US territories here!


Gale Online Resources is a variety of reference ebooks on various topics that the Adams County Library System has purchased for you to use.  You’ll find history, career and science reference books inside as well as many more!


Need information on a country?  Want to know what the National Cuisine of Cameroon is like?  Check out Global Road Warrior.  It has all the information you’re looking for!