Friday, January 31st

The Gettysburg Library will open at 10AM on Friday, January 31st due to a staff meeting.

Wednesday, January 22nd

The Adams County Library System is running on a 2-hour delay today and will open at 11AM.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Due to deteriorating weather conditions, the library system is closed today.

Stay warm and safe!

Tuesday, January 7th

Due to the extreme cold, the Adams County Library System is running on a 2-hour delay this morning and will open at 11AM.  Stay warm, everyone!

Three Reasons to use the 3M Cloud Library

The 3M Cloud Library is an easy and innovative way to browse, download and read popular fiction and non-fiction ebooks from the Adams County Library System.

Reason #1: No overdue fines. 
You can return books early, but if you choose not to, books will     automatically be returned at the end of the 3-week checkout period.

Reason #2: Always expanding collections.
We add new titles to our collection every Friday.

Reason #3: Convenience.
Wherever you have wireless, you can use the 3M Cloud Library.  The 3M Cloud Library currently works with iPad® , iPhone® , iPod Touch®, Nook devices®, Sony®, Kobo®, and Android® tablets and phones.  An app is also available for the Kindle Fire®.

Download the app today!

Friday Morning

The Adams County Library System will be opening at 11AM because of the weather.  Please have a safe day.

Gale Legal Forms



Gale LegalForms provides convenient, authoritative means for understanding common legal procedures through access to “attorney forms”. These officially-approved, professionally-written documents are actually used in legal practices! These documents are very different from those found in “form books” — generic, do-it-yourself materials that may not have been drafted by an attorney.

Gale LegalForms delivers everything you need to take charge of your legal affairs with confidence. No special skills or extensive knowledge of the law is required because Gale LegalForms offers an easy-to-use, step-by-step approach to addressing complex legal matters.

Whether for business, personal or litigation purposes, each form is conveniently accessible and downloadable in either Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, as well as other formats. And because you can search from any location, at any time, via remote access, Gale LegalForms makes finding any legal form a snap.

Tuesday, December 17th

The Adams County Library System will open at 11:00 today.


Don’t forget!  The Adams County Library System uses the 3M Cloud Library for eBooks.  We add new titles to our collection each week, purchasing new releases as well as old favorites that you, the public, request.

The 3M Cloud Library is available for PC & Mac, iOS & Andriod and Kindle Fire.

Don’t have the app yet?  Click here to get it, as well as an overview, videos and FAQ’s.