Adult Summer Reading Club

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Price It!

This simple-to-use online resource is a ‘value maximizer’ that delivers more than 41 million actual prices paid for treasures that you collect, buy and trade.  Price It! Antiques & Collectibles helps you ascertain an item’s current realistic market value by aggregating data from WorthPoint’s own Worthopedia™ database, as well as established and reliable sources like eBay, and dozens of brick-and-mortar auction houses.  With more than 60 million images, 127 searchable categories and intuitive search functionality, Price It! Antiques & Collectibles is the ultimate identification, research and pricing tool for collectors, dealers, appraisers and anyone in between.

For further help in navigating the features on Price It!, you may want to take this guided tour:

Price It! Antiques & Collectibles (3:10)

Memorial Day

Saturday, May 17th

The Gettysburg Library parking lot remains closed today, Thursday, May 8th.

Library Parking Lot

Due to the construction on High Street, the parking lot of the Gettysburg Library will be closed today.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Gale Legal Forms

Gale LegalForms provides convenient, authoritative means for understanding common legal procedures through access to “attorney forms”. These officially-approved, professionally-written documents are actually used in legal practices! These documents are very different from those found in “form books” — generic, do-it-yourself materials that may not have been drafted by an attorney.

Whether for business, personal or litigation purposes, each form is conveniently accessible and downloadable in either Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat, as well as other formats. And because users can search from any location, at any time, via remote access, Gale LegalForms makes finding any legal form a snap.

Annual Meeting

All libraries, with the exception of the East Berlin Community Library, will be closing at 5:00 PM today, Thursday, April 24th for the Adam County Library System’s Annual Meeting.

What will you read next?

Books & Authors is an online resource designed to help you discover today’s popular fiction and non-fiction titles as well as the classics of yesterday.

Books & Authors is specially designed to complement the browsing habits of today’s Web user, integrating easy-to-follow menus that allow you to broaden and narrow your searches according to author, title, series, awards and other criteria. An “if you like” search connects readers to themes and genres that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

At the same time, its meticulously edited database — developed by a team of genre experts – delivers up-to-date, reliable information not found in the random and unverified results of the Web.

Easter Sunday

The Gettysburg Library will be closed on Sunday, April 20th for Easter.