Mixedbags Fundraiser: A Great Way to Support the East Berlin Community Library

The East Berlin Community Library is excited to announce a new fundraising program to benefit the ongoing goal of the library which is to provide quality reading materials for all ages. The East Berlin Community Library has partnered with Mixedbagdesigns.com to hold a fundraiser during the month of May 2013. The library has a supply of Mixedbags’ spring and summer catalog where you can help the library raise money by purchasing fun bags, totes, and accessories that are perfect for the beach, vacations, or everyday use.

How it works:

  • Select what you would like to purchase from either one of the catalogs provided by the library or by using the following website:http://www.mixedbagdesigns.com/Retail-Home.
  • If ordering at the library through a catalog, please pay the library or whomever is selling for the library at the time of purchase. 50% of your purchase goes directly to the library.
    • Note: If you and your family would like to take a catalog to sell on behalf of the East Berlin Community Library, please stop by the circulation desk of the library to sign out a catalog to take with you. We have plenty of catalogs and would love to have you help us with this fundraising project.
  • If ordering online, please select your purchases through their online ordering system at the link located above. Please include the following when placing your order so we get our online credit: 40% of your online purchase goes directly to the library.
    • FUNDRAISER ID: 220844
    • STUDENT NAME: East Berlin Community Library
    • Note: All online orders will be shipped directly to your home. All orders through one of the catalogs at the library will be shipped to the library for disbursement.

How it benefits the library:

  • As mentioned previously, if you order through a catalog, the library receives 50% of your purchase amount to benefit the library. If you order online through their website, the library will receive 40% of your purchase amount.
  • All funds received from this fundraiser will be deposited into an endowment fund for children’s materials. In the future, the interest from the fund will be used to purchase children’s materials that couldn’t be purchased through normal library funds. If the fundraiser is successful, an adult book endowment will also be started to purchase adult materials in the future.

If you have any questions, or would like to reserve a catalog to help sell for the library, please contact library staff at 717-259-9000. Thanks in advance for helping to make the East Berlin Community Library the best it can be!