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Teen Read Week—Read for the fun of it!

   October 9-15th marks the Young Adult Library Services Association’s annual Teen Read Week. The program began in 1998 as a way to encourage teen readers and library users. This year’s theme is “Read for the fun of it!” A theme I like to up-hold all year long. Within the last several years there has been a noticeable push and campaign to bring more diversity to young adult novels. I’d like to share with you two of my more recent favorites featuring diverse protagonists.

   Jenny Han’s “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is my top pick for a contemporary novel. Korean American Lara Jean has written a love letter to every single boy she has ever had a serious crush on. She saves each letter in a teal hatbox her late mother gave to her. Lara Jean’s letters are filled with things she would never dare say out loud, because they are meant only for her. Until the day her letters, five in all, are accidentally mailed. Overnight her love life goes from non-existent to out of control.

   As a middle child myself I especially enjoyed reading about the family dynamics between Lara Jean and her two sisters. “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is funny and heartfelt and you’ll want to continue reading about Lara Jean’s misadventures in “P.S. I Still Love You.” Meant only to be a two book series Han surprised and delighted fans by announcing a third novel, “Always and Forever, Lara Jean,” is to be released this coming spring.

   Renée Ahdieh’s debut novel, “The Wrath and the Dawn” will transport you to the Middle East in a lush reimagining of “The Arabian Nights.”  Khalid, Caliph of Khorasan, takes a new bride each night only to have them executed at dawn. Shahrzad, outraged over her best friend, Shiva’s, death shocks her family when she volunteers to be his next bride. Once inside the palace Shahrzad has a plan... Stay alive. Avenge her beloved friend’s death.  In that order.  However, things aren’t always as they seem and once on the inside Shahrzad finds herself falling for the very boy she vowed to destroy.

   I loved the rich cultural context of this novel. All of the sumptuous food descriptions had me wondering where one might find decent falafel in Adams County. The well placed cliffhangers and searing tension kept me turning the pages. I’m eager to read Ahdieh’s follow up novel, “The Rose and the Dagger.”

   Also taking place this October is a special science program involving bubbles! The program will be held on Saturday, October 22nd at 2 PM at the Harbaugh~Thomas Library. Call 677-6257 to register. Come join in on the fun!

Submitted by Kaila Waybright, Branch Assistant, Harbaugh~Thomas Library.