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Download Audio Books

One Click Digital Account

  1. To download audiobooks, you'll need to use your library card to create an account with One Click Digital.
  2. Click "Create an Account" in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your library card number. This is a 14-digit number that starts wtih a 2, printed on the back of your card.  Enter all 14 digits with no spaces. 
  4. Follow the steps to create an account, including creating a user name and password.
  5. Download and install the OneClickDigital Media manager.  There is an icon on the page to begin the download and follow the software’s directions.
  6. Once the account is created, you can browse available audiobooks.

Please Note:  You must create your account on the OneClickDigital website before using the OneClickDigital apps.

One Click Digital Check Out

  1. Once you check out a book, open your OneClickDigital Media manager. It will show you the item you have checked out.
  2. You have 10 days to download it to your portable device by clicking the "Download" button. You will need to have your portable reader attached to your computer at the time.

Supported Devices

Audio books do not work with any device which does not support DRM (Digital Rights Management).