One Book Every Young Child

Each April, libraries across Pennsylvania participate in the One Book Every Young Child state initiative. Begun in 2004, OBEYC endeavors to have every preschool aged Pennsylvanian read and participate in enriching activities surrounding the same picture book.

The One Book, Every Young Child program goes far beyond just giving parents and caregivers a book to read to preschoolers. The program’s design is based on studies showing that simply reading a book is not enough. Adults must find ways to engage children in activities like talking about a book’s cover and illustrations, discussing the action in the book and favorite parts, pretend play related to the book, and more.

Through this program, adults with preschoolers in their lives will learn how they can support the development of literacy in preschool children. Because it is important for children to be prepared for school, One Book, Every Young Child will provide opportunities for adults to read aloud and share books, stories, and related activities with preschoolers. These activities have been shown to be crucial to early learning.

In April, children will be able to attend story time programs  featuring the One Book Every Young Child selection at all Adams County Library System locations.

The 2012 selection is Stop Snoring, Bernard! by Zachariah OHora.

Visit HERE for more information and activity ideas.