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Did you know…?

The Gettysburg Federal Building, current home of the Adams County Library System, was secured for Gettysburg by the Honorable Daniel Franklin Lafean, a member of Congress from the 20th Pennsylvania Congressional District from 1903-1913.

Construction broke ground in the autumn of 1911, and the building was formally opened to the public as the Gettysburg Post Office on February 26th of 1914.  The Library moved into the Gettysburg Federal Building in 1992.

Please join the library as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of this beautiful building!

On Saturday, February 22nd, come to the Gettysburg Library for Children’s Day!  There will be Face Painting from 9:30-12:00, a Special Storytime and Craft at 10:00 and Balloon Art from 1:00-3:00!  All are welcome!

On Sunday, February 23rd from 11:00-2:00 the Gettysburg Library will be hosting an Open House.  Come talk to library administration, get a behind-the-scenes peek at how the library is structured and view the Adam County Library System’s new logo!  There will be a short program at 1:00 in the USS Eisenhower Room.  Again, all are welcome!

Saturday, February 15th

The Adams County Library System is closed today.

Friday, February 14th

The Adams County Library System will open at 11AM this morning.

Thursday, February 13th

Due to the predicted wintery weather conditions that are heading our way, thanks to Winter Storm Pax, the Adams County Library System will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, February 13th.

Stay warm and safe!

Monday, February 10th

The Adams County Library System is on a 2-hour delay this morning and will open at 11AM.

Thursday, February 6th

The Adams County Library System is on a 2-hour delay today and will open at 11AM.

Wednesday, February 5th

Due to the icy conditions, the Adams County Library System is closed today, February 5th.

Tuesday, February 4th

The Adams County Library System is on a 2-hour delay today and will open at 11:00AM.

Monday, February 3rd

Due to the weather conditions, the Adams County Library System is closed today, February 3rd.  Stay warm and safe!

Download Audio Books Here!

The library subscribes to a product called ‘One Click Digital’ from the company RecordedBooks.  To get to the webpage click the following image:

Once the page is loaded, you will need to create an account.  To create an account, you will need your Adams County Library Card.  You will need to enter your card number on the back of your card.  It is a 14 digit number which should be entered with no spaces and it starts with a 2.

  1. You will need to create a user name and password for your account.
  2. You will need to download and install the OneClickDigital Media manager.  There is an icon on the page to begin the download and follow the software’s directions.
  3. Once the account is created, you can browse available audiobooks.
  4. You will check out the book and you will have 10 days to download to your portable device.
  5. Once it is checked out, you open your OneClickDigital Media manager and it will show you the item you have checked out.
  6. To download to your device, there is a button to download.  You will need to have your portable reader attached to your computer at the time.
Please note that the audio books do not work at this time with any device which does not support DRM (Digital Rights Management).  These devices include Android operating systems and Blackberry operating system.  Most MP3 players and Ipods are compatible.