Gifts to the Library


Cash will be accepted for the purpose of purchasing materials in honor or memory of a person, persons or organizations.  A plate will be placed in each book with the wording approved by the donor.  The Library will take into consideration the subject and wants of the donor as well as the collection development policy of the Library.


A Named Endowment Fund is set up to honor a person or organization in perpetuity. Every year,the library uses the interest earned on each Fund to purchase library materials. These new items are identified with a bookplate. Each Named Endowment Fund can be designated to purchase certain types of materials (i.e. by subject matter, genre, or material type.) Additionally, a plaque identifying the fund is added in the Main Library. Named Endowment Funds require a minimum contribution of $1000, and can be added to, in any amount, at anytime, increasing the number of annual purchases.A personal contact for each Fund is advised on an annual basis of the materials chosen and placed in the collection.



Books and other materials normally used by libraries may be accepted by the Director as a gift with the explicit understanding that she/he may or may not add all or part of them to the collection.  The Library shall not undertake the responsibility of placing a value on any gift presented to it.  It will, however if requested, provide the donor with a written description of the gift.  In the case of books, that would be a count of books divided by hardback and paperback.

The Library welcomes gifts of money, securities, or property such as art objects, portraits, antiques, and other museum objects if they are readily useable for library purposes or can be made so at little cost and written permission is granted by the donor or his agent to convert them to money.

The Adams County Library System is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization. Thus, all contributions are tax deductible; all gifts will be acknowledged by letter. Because of the complexity of tax codes and other laws, persons considering bequests or endowments to the Library are urged to consult with their financial and legal counsels.